Silver Ridge Resort

Spread out over 110 private acres, and surrounded by 1,000 acres of woodlands, our resort features seven cabins with lovely views and modern amenities. Our cabins are placed on secluded points atop the ridge, with your private Arkansas mountain getaway in mind, and feature wildwood valley views from covered porches. You can experience all of the tranquility on Silver Ridge, just 5 miles from downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

To get from Bentonville, Arkansas to the Beaver Dam (which created Beaver Lake) in Arkansas, follow these general directions:

1. Start by getting on **I-49/US-71 S** from **W Central Ave** and **SW A St**.
2. Continue on **I-49/US-71 S**. Take **US-62 E** to **AR-187 S** in **Eureka Springs**.
3. Turn **right** onto **AR-187 S**.
4. Follow AR-187 S to the Beaver Dam and White River Access.

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