Wanderoo Lodge
216 West Van Buren Eureka Springs, AR 72632

Price Range
$54 - 119



An outdoor adventure lodge in the heart of Eureka Springs. We’ll help you explore the natural beauty of the Ozarks and take advantage of the rivers, lakes, hiking, and bike trails nearby. Enjoy a craft beer at The Gravel Bar (opening May, 2018), then rent a kayak at our on-site outfitter or relax in our seasonal saltwater pool (the largest in town). Then head downtown to check out the shopping, restaurants, live music, and nightlife and simply walk back. Explore. Sleep. Repeat.

We believe in the Spirit of Adventure.
We Believe in taking care of our Environment and being good stewards of our Natural Resources.
Beginning on 1/1/18, the Wanderoo Lodge proudly participates in 1% for the Planet.
We Believe in Having Fun
We Believe in Eureka Springs and The Ozarks

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**Traveling from Branson, Missouri to Eureka Springs, Arkansas**

If you’re making the scenic trip from Branson, Missouri to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, it’s relatively straightforward and offers a pleasant drive through the Ozark Mountains. The two cities are approximately 50 miles apart, and the journey typically takes about 1 to 1.5 hours by car, depending on the route and traffic. Start by heading south on US-65 S from Branson. You’ll continue on this route for about 33 miles. Next, take the US-62 exit toward Eureka Springs. From there, simply follow US-62 W for approximately 19 miles, and you’ll arrive in the heart of Eureka Springs! This route is quite direct, but always ensure to check a map or GPS device for real-time travel updates and any possible route variations due to road conditions or other factors.