Beginner Trails

The Great Passion Play Genesis Trail

4.3 Mile Loop Single Track, Multi Use Trail, Single Direction

Designed to be friendly to all user groups and skill levels which includes hikers and mountain bikers of all ages. Easily accessible for the general public at the front gate park entrance. View Map.

Lake Leatherwood Trail

.5 Mile Multi Use Trail/Multi Directional

.5 miles. Begin at the trailhead located at the northeast side of the Ballfields Trail. Immediately look to your right and check out one of the many historic structures located in Lake Leatherwood. Continue across a short bridge and stay left. The trail will meander along the creek for quite some time. On the right you’ll come across both Twin Knobs Trail and Beacham Trail. Eventually the trail merges with Beacham Trail and will exit at the Meadow Campgrounds. View Map. 

The Great Passion Play Revelation Trail

2 Mile Singletrack/Multi Directional

Revelation is a 2 mile moderately popular green singletrack trail. Located at The Great Passion Play. This multi-use trail can be used both directions with a 255 ft green climb. Some parts are closed on afternoons of Passion Play performances from noon to 6pm. Nice flow with stellar views of the Sea of Galilee and other features of the Holy Land Tour. View Map. 

The Great Passion Play Happy Little Trail

1.1 Mile Singletrack/Multi Directional

From Passion Play Entrance, cross Magnetic Drive and begin the trail. The first half mile or so is a nice, easy downhill trending flow trail. Look to the right and check out the monster gravity cavity option. Get through a short set of switchback climbs then roll through a nice flat piney area. Cross Out on a Limb, then veer at the next fork. This will take you down a nice green flow section that will eventually take you to the bridge and Beauty is Everywhere loop.  View Map

The Great Passion Play Beauty is Everywhere Trail

.9 Mile Singletrack/Multi Directional

Multi-directional, but from the Happy Little Trail intersectional, head right and enjoy a section of lightly rolling downhill through some cool rock features.

Pass by Joy of Riding and continue straight. Eventually, you’ll come to an access road. Cross this and continue on. Eventually, you’ll get to see the massive bridge feature on Midnight Black.

Keep going and carefully cross Prussian Blue up to the flats. Ride by the Skills Park and keep looking for signs to stay on trail. Eventually, you’ll head up a short, punchy climb and then to the massive bridge. View Map

Historic Loop

2.3 Mile Round Trip Paved Road

Take the paved, flat road of the historic loop (hwy 62B) that winds between the historic neighborhoods of Eureka Springs.  Begin at the Eureka Springs Community Center parking lot and ride north towards the Crescent Hotel. Make sure to stop at the Crescent Hotel, 4th floor, for a great view of town.  Return back to the Community Center.

Sports Field Trail

.6 Mile Loop Asphalt

Travel to our city park, Lake Leatherwood.  A completely flat barrier-free asphalt trail designed for handicapped access.  This trail encircles the two soccer fields and baseball field and skirts Leatherwood Creek on one side.  Two bridges and a great view of Leatherwood Falls are the highlights of this trail.  Access is at the sports field parking lot. View Map

Harmon Park to Downtown

4.5 Mile Round Trip Paved Road

Begin at Harmon Park (parking available) and take the paved road along Spring Street towards Downtown.  This is a great ride through the historic neighborhood and downtown area.  Once you come to downtown, Spring Street will intersect with Main Street, make a right (south) on Main Street, past the Courthouse and towards the Historic Museum.  There will be a parking lot across the street from the Museum.  Turn left and get on Armstrong St.  Armstrong street offers a unique view of downtown.  You will then come to a “T,” make a right on Douglass Street and ride towards Little Lake Eureka.  This road will turn into Steel St. and loop around some natural springs and beautiful bluffs.  Make a left on Flint St. at the road crossing towards downtown.  You can then take either direction on Main Street to return back to Harmon Park.

Train Station to East Mountain Overlook

5.85 Mile Loop Paved Road

This route can be taken in sections.  Start at the Eureka Springs Railroad Station, parking lot across street is for customers only, please use the free parking lot on Main Street (south) just a little distance away from train station.  Ride (south) on Main Street towards downtown.  About half way you will come to the Grand Central Hotel, make a left on Flint Street and a left on Steele street going up towards East Mountain.   This overlook is a beautiful view of downtown and the 1886 Crescent Hotel.  At this point you have two options: (1) Continue up East Mountain to 62 Hwy going (west) and come back downtown by taking a right on Main Street/ Hwy 23 North or (2) From the overlook, ride back down then make an immediate right on Copper Street.  This will loop you around a remote street with some unique housing.  You will come out on Steel Street and can head back downtown towards the train station.

Black Bass Lake Track

1 Mile Loop Gravel and Single Track, Multi-Use

Start at the Kiosk and take the Standing Rock Trail (named for the interesting rock formation that rises along the edge of the trail.)  This is a flat trail that goes along the lake, past a footbridge and turns into Sycamore Trail.  Sycamore trail seeps out of the ground near the halfway point of this lakeside trail.   A rolling contour design with a little undulation provides for a gliding walk or ride in either direction.  Peppered with red buds and seasonal wildflowers the trail is particularly beautiful in the spring months.

Lake Leatherwood Sloryde Trail

1.25 Mile Loop Single Track

Located at Lake Leatherwood.  Start at the Sports Field parking lot.  Trailhead is on the left side of parking lot.  This trail does a short loop over a creek.  You can further this ride by coming off of the trail to the right at Miners Rock parking lot and continue down the road (additional 1.14 miles miles) towards Leatherwood Lake/Marina area.  A nice spot to relax, fish, kayak or have a picnic.  You can continue back the way you came or take the Leatherwood Trail back to the Sports Field and parking lot.

The Great Passion Play Phthalo Green Trail

0.3 Miles Single Track, Downhill Only

This is the easiest trail found at the Downhill Hub. It is trail on your far left at the top of the hub. There are a couple flowy turns and it’s just a down-right fun machine built trail. Get to the bottom and use Out On a Limb to return back to the top at the end.  View Map. 

The Great Passion Play What the Heck!

0.2 Miles Single Track, Multi Directional

Park at the lot next to the Artist Colony and begin the trail. The first hundred feet is the steepest part. Afterwards, enjoy a moderate climb up to Joy of Riding. Also makes for a fun and easy downhill. View Map. 

The Great Passion Play The Joy of Riding

0.3 Miles Single Track, Multi Directional

Park at Magnetic Spring and carefully cross the road at the crosswalk and enter the trail. The first quarter mile is a bit of a grind, but the scenery is worth it. This trail takes you to the Beauty is Everywhere loop.  View Map. 

Lake Leatherwood Hyde Hollow Trail

0.7 Mile Single Track, Multi Directional

This route crosses a tributary creek six times. Lush ground cover and seasonal springs are the highlights of this trail. Slick creek rocks make the trail challenging any time water is present, and during high water, the route can be impassable. The trail can be accessed from Beacham Trail. It is also an access to Twin Knobs TrailView Map. 

The Great Passion Play The Lord's Prayer

.6 Mile Single Track/Multidirectional

This trail is a great connecter from Downtown In-town Trails to the grounds of Passion Play.  Access via downtown at Magnetic Springs to the Passion Play grounds. Gentle switchbacks for great riding in both directions. View Map.