Intermediate Trails

The Great Passion Play Holy Roller Trail

0.8 Miles Single Track, Single Direction

Holy Roller was the first intermediate trail to open at the Great Passion Play.  It is full of fun flowy rollers, jumps, drops, and berms! Don’t worry, jumps and drops are only optional on this trail. You can still enjoy the fast berms and flow without testing your limits. View Map

The Great Passion Play Temptation Trail

0.4 Miles Multi Direction

Temptation is an intermediate trail that provides a blue alternative to connect Holy Roller or Genesis to Good Samaritan. This trail is a quick and fun detour that a neat optional rock feature in the middle. View Map

The Great Passion Play Passover Trail

1.5 Mile Single Track, Single Direction

Fun, easy trail with lots of speed and rollers. Very friendly. This should only be ridden from south to north as that is how the trail is built. View Map

The Great Passion Play Forgiveness Trail

.6 Mile Single Track, Multi Use, Both Directions

Flows down a few switchbacks with optional jumps until you cross an old road and it becomes technical and tight. This multi-use trail can be used both directions.  View Map

The Great Passion Play Good Samaritan Trail

1.3 Mile Single Track, Multi Use, Multi-Directional

Good Samaritan is a 1 mile, multi-use trail can be used both directions. Mellow climbing or fast, flowy descents with optional jumps.  View Map

The Great Passion Play Out on a Limb Trail

.7 Mile Single Track

From Happy Little Trail, turn left at the Out on a Limb junction and begin the descent. This trail is narrow and runs along some pretty steep downslope. There’s nothing technical in these areas, but please make sure you’re ready for some exposure.

Roll through the narrow sections and then after a left hand berm you’ll see the first technical rock section. Make sure you’re in a low enough gear to get through this punchy part.

Afterwards, veer somewhat right at the intersection to stay on Out on a Limb. Another punchy section will eventually lead you to the Skills Park. This trail makes for a fun climbing option too. View Map. 

Lake Leatherwood Miners Rock Trail

2.9 Mile Single Track, Multi-Use Trail (Not a DH Trail.)

Begin this trail where the shuttle turnaround for the Gravity Trails is located. Follow signs for the Miners Rock Multi-Use Trail and begin a long but not too grueling of a climb out of the valley. About a half mile in you’ll ride by the actual Miners Rock, a unique and historic piece of geology. Continue riding until the trail veers to the right and takes you under DH – 2 and later DH-3. Continue through beautiful forests until you reach the intersection of DH-4, in which the trail will turn up and left. Eventually you’ll merge onto the North Hub Connector until you peak at the top of the mountain. Go straight across and enjoy one of the best downhill trails in the whole park, but please keep in mind that you should always yield to pedestrians and uphill traffic. View Map

Lake Leatherwood Bench Loop Trail

3.0 Mile Single Track, Multi Directional

Located at Lake Leatherwood City Park.  As the name implies, the trail is comprised of two benches that create a loop.  Skirting Bluff lines and tight tree lined contours, the trail wraps around the same peninsula mountain top.  The trail also shares the same route with the Twin Knobs Trail (2 miles) and can be further connected with Lost Ridge Trail (1 mile.) Access is from the Leatherwood Trail from the parking lot of the Lake Leatherwood sports field or Roark Road. (There are lots of signs for Twin Knobs, but just stay on the most obvious path.) View Map

Black Bass Lake

1.8 Mile Loop Single Track, Multi Use, Multi Directional

Black Bass Lake located just 1 mile from Downtown is a great area for hiking, biking and fishing. 

Start at the parking lot trailhead and take Standing Rock Trail (.5 mile Green), then take Hobo Trail (.5 mile Blue). Loop back to trailhead by taking the Sycamore trail (.5 mile Blue) or continue up the bluffline along Bluff Trail (.3 mile Blue) to Oil Spring Trail (.5 mile Blue).  Then flow back down the way you came or ride the road back down to trailhead.

Lake Leatherwood Overlook Trail

1.8 Mile Single Track, Multi Directional

There is a long climb either way to the dam overlook. Part of the trail is lined with bluffs one of which offers a view of the dam during leaf off. Numerous switchbacks and great flow make this trail fun for cyclists. Access is from Mulladay Hollow Trail or the Beacham Trail Dam Road. View Map


Lake Leatherwood Fuller Trail

1.1 Mile Single Track, Multi-Use, Both Directions

Fuller Trail follows a contour just above the lake for much of its length. Several spurs connect to the Beacham along the way. Another spur connects to the Point a great picnic spot with views of the dam. This trail has few extended grades but contains some extreme varied terrain and several stream crossings. View Map. 

The Great Passion Play Prussian Blue Trail

0.3 Mile Single Track, Downhill Only.

Downhill Only. Located at the Marble Flats, the Prussian Blue Trail has tight switchbacks, catch berms, and chunky bits of rock. From the DH Hub, begin the descent. There are a few mandatory drops, but everything is rollable.
Be careful at the bottom as the trail intersects Joy of Riding quite abruptly. Do not ride if wet. View Map. 

The Great Passion Play Roman Road Trail

.8 Mile Single Track, Multi Directional

Access via Ascension or Revelation.

This may be one of the more massive rocks on the Passion Play property. It’s big. Great bridge feature with switchbacks. Connect Passover, Roman Road, Good SamaritanTemptation, and Salvation for great blue fun.

The Great Passion Play Ascension Trail

1.0 Mile Single Track, Multi Directional

From the bottom of the creek, climb up several technical switchbacks. After three switchbacks, you can either take Hallelujah on the left for a technical xc trail or keep climbing till you reach the top. The trail crosses one road and has a few steep pitches. View Map.

Lake Leatherwood Lost Ridge Trail

1.2 Mile Single Track, Multi Directional

Another fun cycling trail, this route takes users to one of the more remote areas of Lake Leatherwood park. Packed with rock features the trail traverses 10 switchbacks and over 200 feet of elevation tackling a steep slope at one end. Access is from the Bench Loop Trail or Hyde Hollow. View Map. 

Lake Leatherwood Twin Knobs Trail

1.6 Mile Single Track, Multi Directional

Without a doubt the most physically challenging trail in the park. This trail spends the majority of its route climbing or descending nearly 400 feet in elevation in either direction. Sharing the same route as the Bench Loop in places the trail meanders up and down peaks ridges and mountain flanks through a variety of terrain primarily on old road beds. Access is from the Leatherwood Trail or Hyde Hollow. View Map.