Advanced Trails

Lake Leatherwood Gravity Trail Project

This trail system is a one-way specific use trail catering to advanced mountain bikers. Riders must negotiate the climb on Miner’s Rock access road to the top. 7 Downhill Trails: All Downhill trails are about a mile in length.  To access the Downhill trails, parking available at Leatherwood Sports Field or at Miner’s Rock Parking Lot and coordinate a shuttle ride up to the entrance of the Downhill trails off of Hwy 62W. 

CLICK HERE to check out the CURRENT STATUS of the trails before planning your trip. 

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DH 1

Black Diamond

The jumps on this trail are crafted stone slabs, pieced together. This trail is a true work of trail art, not to be missed. View Map

DH 2 Upper

Black Diamond

Downhill only trail. Begin at the South Hub. The first 0.25 miles consist of some swooping berms and an optional drop that makes it feel a bit like a roller coaster. Look for the monster gap feature at the bottom of this section, or roll around it to the left.

Continue along a straight and mostly flat section, until the trail turns right and sets you up for the big drop that sails you over the Miners Rock Multi-Use Trail. There is a ride-around option on the right. Continue through some more chunk and optional gaps until the trail merges with DH-3.  View Map


DH 2 Lower

Black Diamond

This lower section of the Downhill Challenge trail is decidedly rocker and more technical than the upper section. Make sure you’ve got some spare tubes if you want to play it safe Technically, the trail continues a bit down below the road, but it does involve a road crossing. View Map.

DH 3

Black Diamond

Massive berms, medium gaps and a woodwork sender, make this trail fast and fun.

DH 4


At about 0.25 miles from the trailhead, there is a nice drop that you can clear and then roll into a berm after landing. Then, 0.5 miles down the trail, there is a step-up with a gap (difficult/expert riders only). Beginners can go on the bypass line and wonder in awe how this is cleared. View Map. 

DH 5


Fun flow trail that rips down the hollow and keeps the speed high with big flowy berms. View Map. 

DH 6


Good place to start and dial in the ride or learning to downhill. Lots of berms and good speed, with some option fun spots to pump the bike and get a little air. View Map. 

DH 7

Double Black Diamond

The crown jewel of the Lake Leatherwood Downhill Trails, this has everything an adrenaline junky craves. Big gaps, a huge sender that overlaps optional lines. View Map


* The runs range from 3 – 5 minute descents depending on the riders ability and speed.

*Be sure to check out the current status of the trails before planning your trip

The Great Passion Play Midnight Black Trail

0.1 Miles Single Track, Downhill Only

Downhill only. Start at the hub and clear the qualifier drop. Continue down some nice fast flow trail until you get to the massive wooden berm feature. I highly recommend you stop and check it out before riding it, as the drop after the bridge is bigger than it may appear from above. View Map

The Great Passion Play Hallelujah Trail

1.4 Mile Single Track, Multi Directional

Hallelujah is a 1 mile moderately popular black diamond singletrack trail. This mountain bike primary trail can be used both directions and has a hard overall physical rating with a 350 ft black diamond climb.   View Map. 

The Great Passion Play Deliverance Trail

0.5 Mile Single Track, Downhill Only

This trail starts at the top of Ascension with quick berms and then straightens out dropping fast. The straightaway comes to a right berm and then a road gap appears. But you can roll the jump. Keeping speed it winds down to a sharp left up and over some rock slabs.

Head down and then up onto rock slab skinnys, turning right to drop off the boulder farm. Continue left and then right to a bluff drop, very steep and technical until the next ledge drop. Weave right then left and right off some more ledges and into a rock archway. View Map. 

The Great Passion Play Nineveh Trail

0.5 Mile Single Track, Downhill Only

Use Ascension climb to get to and then come back to the top to ride Deliverance.  View Map. 

The Great Passion Play Rapture Trail

0.3 Mile Single Track, Downhill Only

Big is an understatement for this trail. Massive tabletop jumps with rock garden features towards the bottom where it meets Forgiveness and Atonement.   View Map. 

The Great Passion Play Atonement Trail

0.5 Mile Single Track, Downhill Only

The trail starts steep off of the Genesis loop and immediately sets you up for a tree gap or optional ride around. The whole trail is fast with multiple options throughout the trail. As you get closer to the bottom, the technical aspects come out. Ends at a bridge.  View Map. 

The Great Passion Play Vengence Trail

0.5 Mile Single Track, Downhill Only

Access via Genesis and then take Passover. Hand-built with some pretty gnarly rake and ride feel. View Map. 

The Great Passion Play Armageddon Trail

0.4 Mile Single Track, Downhill Only

Access via Genesis at the GenesisGood Samaritan, and Temptation intersection. Self-shuttle or use the trolley. There’s a difference between sustainable and maintainable trail. This trail falls into the latter category. Over 20% grades. It’s gnarly. The trail also ends at Magnetic Springs so you can shuttle yourself or use the local trolley system to get back onto Passion Play property. View Map.