10 Great Things to Do for Couples

It is a great time to visit Eureka Springs, Arkansas with your significant other.

The charming town is full of romantic activities that will make for a memorable getaway. 

Here are 10 things for couples to do together in Eureka Springs in February.

  1. Take a tasting tour of the local breweries or wineries and sample their delicious offerings..
  2. Visit the Eureka Springs Historical Museum to learn about the town’s history.
  3. Explore the many art galleries and studios throughout the town.
  4. Book a couples massage at a local spa: Relax and rejuvenate with your significant other at Spa1905 in Downtown Eureka Springs.
  5. Enjoy a romantic dinner at a local restaurant: Eureka Springs has a variety of chef owned restaurants that offer delicious and romantic dining experiences for couples.
  6. Take a hike without the chiggers or bugs; try Lake Leatherwood City Park or Black Bass Lake take in the natural beauty of the area.
  7. Window shop in the historic downtown area, hand in hand, and admire the Victorian architecture and quaint shops.
  8. Visit the Crescent Hotel and Spa, a historic hotel known for its ghost stories, paranormal activity and ice skating. Take the ghost tour
  9. Visit the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, where you can see lions, tigers, and bears.
  10. Celebrate Mardi Gras Eureka Springs style! February is full of Mardi Gras balls, parties, fun food events and 2 parades. 

Eureka Springs is a perfect destination for couples looking for a February getaway.

Winter rates are still in effect for Eureka Springs Lodging.

So grab your loved one and head to Eureka Springs for a February getaway you won’t soon forget!


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