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Eureka Springs – A special part of So Many Memories

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I have so many great memories of exploring Eureka Springs when I was a young kid. Near downtown I would keep my eyes trained to spot a hidden path or a set of vine covered stairs. I would listen closely for the sound of running water. It was always fun to track the sound to in order to get a glimpse of some obscure spring or waterfall. My friends and I would often explore the town together, finding our way to rock shelters that promised the best views of downtown. Eureka Springs is really a magical place to explore when you are young.

Since my childhood, my family and friends have returned to Eureka Springs many times. Our family converges on Eureka Springs every year in fact. In the summer we float the rivers, eat at our favorite restaurants, and explore downtown. Just last year our extended family all stayed together to celebrate Christmas. My friends often return to Eureka Springs as well. We have partied at Mardi Gras, embarked on multi-day float trips, and just hung out at the lake. In fact, my husband and I decided to get married in Eureka Springs. (You can read more about our Eureka Springs wedding here).

Now months after the wedding we are pleased to share with you our next adventure and a Great Place to share the news with friends.

Casa Verde in Eureka Springs

Casa Verde is spacious and both levels provide stunning views of the White River below.

Celebrating A Unique Event – Welcome Baby!

Earlier this year after the announcing that my husband and I were pregnant, our parents planned the most amazing baby shower. Knowing that so many fun memories with friends and family start in Eureka Springs, they rented a beautiful house called Casa Verde for the event. This time we traded a primitive camp on the river bank for a gorgeous house overlooking the river. Casa Verde’s walls made of glass opened onto a balcony suspended above the White river valley.

Anyone who has children knows that life with a baby is very different. We used this precious opportunity to spend time with our friends and family one last time before baby arrived. Casa Verde‘s size easily accommodated our friends and family. The massive kitchen is definitely the heart of the home. It was easy to prepare food for our large group. Downstairs a pool table and entertaining space was perfect for relaxing in the evening. Luxurious suites meant that everyone had their own private space to retreat to at the end of the night.

Celebrating our family!
Everyone enjoyed spending time together at Casa Verde before the baby gets here.
It wouldn’t be a baby shower without cake!
This is the heart of the home. Casa Verde’s kitchen is massive and well equipped for large gatherings.
Casa Verde’s lower level is perfect for entertaining. The pool table and bar also have amazing views.
Casa Verde’s suites are beautifully decorated and provide some private space for a number of guests.
Casa Verde’s suites feature top of the line fixtures and make for a comfortable stay.

Now that baby is here, our life has changed. Our family is getting bigger and we are so excited to introduce new family members to the magic of Eureka Springs! We will be back very soon and hope to make many more memories at Casa Verde and Eureka Springs.

Learn more about Casa Verde or book this amazing property. To learn more about how to enjoy Eureka Springs or spend family vacations check out all of the things to do as well as upcoming Eureka Springs events.

Christmas in Eureka Springs.
Floating the river with family and friends.
Celebrating Mardi Gras in Eureka Springs.

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