Basin Park Paranormal Investigation

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Basin Park Hotel Ghost Tour

Abnormal History – Paranormal Mystery

Join Eureka Springs Paranormal Investigators beginning at 9 Pm &  10:30 in the Barefoot Ballroom to investigate the most active spaces within the hotel.  Meet in the Roof Garden to learn about the infamous Joe Parkhill with his liquor by the drink and illegal gambling parlors as well as his ultimate demise through his run-ins with The Weasal (Sherriff Erwin Deweese).  An Introduction in the Lucky7 gambling parlor continues into the Rooftop foyer which housed Elvis’ car ending in the Grand Ballroom which hosted dance parties, concerts, and all events of grandeur.—

Take a deep dive into the curious history of the Basin Park 3rd Floor with an assortment of investigative tools

As you move through the hotel with our Paranormal Investigators teaching you the intricoes of ghost hunting, the investigation continues as we visit haunted rooms, historic spaces and then its down the rabbit hole into the depths of the Cave accessed privately by this previously hidden doorway.  reports are common, thrills are assured.

Tour is 1.5 hours long. Ghost meters and Paranormal tools were provided.


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