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Eureka Springs Motorcycles

(EUREKA SPRINGS, ARKANSAS) — Thousands of bikers flock to Arkansas in the fall for color, to ride the Pig Trail and to attend Bikes Blues and BBQ.  One common element to all Northwest Arkansas rides seems to be a side-trip to Eureka Springs.

Eureka Springs Motorcycles
Eureka Springs Motorcycle friendly

Realizing that Eureka Springs is on top of the Pig Trail and the destination has become one a popular hub for bikers, a motorcycle web site was created to be “Eureka Springs motorcycle authority”.  This site has established eight rides meeting those aforementioned criteria that offer “867 thrilling miles” with “one great starting point”.  These routes are being debuted on their web site and in a colorful free brochure that can be found throughout Arkansas and adjacent areas.

The carefully chosen routes allow for day-long, partial-day and quick rides.  Length of rides vary from one that is 280 miles or six hours plus to a “sunset ride” that is only 26 miles and can be accomplished in 44 minutes.  Suggested scenic sights and fun stops include Lost Valley, a grazing area for herds of elk; Mystic Caverns; Withrow Springs State Park; Arkansas’ “Grand Canyon”; the “Little Golden Gate” Beaver Bridge; Beaver Dam; three rivers including the Buffalo, Kings and White; Beaver Lake; Roaring River State Park; and Dogwood Canyon.  The last two located just over the state line in Missouri.

“But our research showed us that as important as the routes are, where the bikers overnight is equally as important,” added Moyer.  “That is why we have partnered with the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa and the 1905 Basin Park Hotel.

The 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa is a 76-room property that is a proud member of “Historic Hotels of America”.  With “Bikers Best” rates, reserved parking, SkyBar Gourmet Pizza and large verandas to share stories from the ride, the hotel is a popular spot to land for the evening.

The downtown “sister” of the Crescent is the 1905 Basin Park Hotel, known as “The Most Fun”, is located in the center of historic Eureka Springs downtown entertainment district.  It offers locked and covered bike parking, a place which serves “the best burger in Eureka Springs” with a bird’s eye view of downtown.  The Balcony’s Copper Biker Bar gives an elbow-to-elbow way to sip a beverage while overlooking all the activity of adjacent Basin Spring Park.

“While many trips may be planned around rally dates, no ride in Arkansas is complete without a journey up the Pig Trail and a rest stop in Eureka Springs,” concluded Moyer.  “Eureka is called the ‘extraordinary escape’ for a reason, there is no better riding in the Ozarks.”

To see the five routes and special overnight biker lodging packages on-line, one should go to .

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