Breakfast in Eureka Springs



by Bill Ott, Senior Travel Writer

When seniors travel, we try to have enjoyable experiences, something different from what we can get back home.  For me, that includes starting each day away from home with 1) a breakfast of epic proportions, with “portions” being one of the keys, 2) a breakfast in a setting that is an experience in and of itself, and 3) a breakfast that is a super deal.

I found such a breakfast in the historic little village of Eureka Springs at the icon of this town: The 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa.  This Historic Hotel of America swings open the doors of its Crystal Ballroom every morning at 8 a.m. and continues breakfast service up until 11 a.m.


Once inside the historic ballroom, I found a feast with everything from a veggie egg frittata (which was great for me and other alpha-gal allergy unfortunates); to mini-waffles -cooked right there- with hot syrup, butter, cream cheese, and pecans; and War Eagle Mill oatmeal with optional brown sugar and raisins.  I also dug into the yogurt and mixed fruit with coconut compote; and splurged on a toast-it-yourself English muffin with a schmear of jalapeño cream cheese (they had several cream cheese flavors plus plain from which to choose).  They also offered biscuits-n-gravy, sausage, bacon, bagels, breakfast muffins, plus other wonderful choices.  Something that thrilled me was the bottomless cup of awesome coffee I ordered.  Oh, ya… music from the ‘60s and ‘70s filled the air.  Breakfast cocktails were also available at an added cost.  The War Eagle Mill Buffet, as it is called, was only $17.50.  In other resort hotels that I have visited, a feast like this would have been in the $39.95 range, but NOT at the Crescent.  AND, it’s all you can eat, too (woo-hoo!)… and i did!  Also, I would be remiss if I did not mention the kind, courteous and highly professional staff that greeted and served me throughout breakfast.

After my breakfast feast I thought I would roam the hallways of this historic “palace in the sky”.  A zip trip up the elevator took me to the 4th floor where a left then a quick right placed me out on the observation deck offering a great view of The Ozarks’ hills and valleys as well as a panoramic view of the Christ of the Ozarks statue.

(BTW, The Christ of the Ozarks stands 65.5 feet tall and sits atop the mountaintop acreage that is home to The Great Passion Play, performed in a 4,100 seat amphitheater, and styled after the show performed in Oberammergau, Germany.)

Just back inside from the observation deck i found the hotel’s historic archives.  The photos and displays from the hotel’s varied and most interesting history was fascinating.   The hotel was a girls’ college, a cancer curing hospital, and now it’s one of the finest resort hotels in the state.  I was told that the Crescent is considered “The Symbol of Arkansas Hospitality”.

I took the elevator back down to the lobby and got to see the two HUGE “music boxes” (one of which, the Welte Philharmonic Organ, was built to sail on the Titanic’s inaugural voyage but “missed the boat” and thereby survived).  Also in the lobby is a statue homage to Michael, perhaps the best known of the “ghosts” that are said to roam the halls of the Crescent, known also as America’s Most Haunted Hotel!?!

Both time and weather permitted me to step outside and stroll around some of the 15 acres of the hotel’s grounds.  The hotel itself is surrounded by manicured, flower-filled gardens.

So, for a true breakfast EXPERIENCE, a visit to the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa (located on Eureka Springs’ Upper Historic Loop at 75 Prospect Avenue) is a must!!!


Bill Ott has been in the tourism industry for more than half of a century and was recently inducted into the Arkansas Tourism Hall of Fame.

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