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(Eureka Springs, Arkansas) — Proof of the macabre saga that began here in the late ‘30s was literally uncovered in February of this year during a formal archeological dig in the northeast corner of the 15 acres where the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa sits.  Those exploring archeologists have also verified that bottles containing mysterious chemical concoctions and “medical specimens” are a product of the years when the hotel was transformed into a “cancer curable” hospital by charlatan Norman Baker.

These bizarre, haunting bottles will be unveiled to the public on the evening of Saturday, June 8.  The unveiling will be part of a watch party for the debut of the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” episode that was filmed in “America’s Most Haunted Hotel” in the spring of 2018.  The watch party begins at 8 o’clock in the hotel’s Conservatory and will be preceded by tours down to the dig site beginning at 7.  Both events that evening are free and open to the public.

“There was international news coverage when this unearthing was first released to the press,” said Jack Moyer, vice president and general manager of this Historic Hotel of America.  “For years we have heard rumors of unfathomable bottles once being displayed in the hotel in an area that Baker used as a morgue.  We had only stories, no proof short of a poster that Baker used to promote his hospital’s alleged amazing cures.  Today those grisly bottles can be seen as part of our ghost tours.”

Further substantiation of the authenticity of these bottles came when two ladies who separately heard of this find contacted the hotel to tell their stories.  Both girls were in high school here during the 1940s; both used to explore, individually, the basement levels of the Crescent during lunch breaks from school; both returned to Eureka Springs recently for a school reunion.

“We invited these ladies to come to the hotel while they were in town to see these unearthed artifacts.  They did and both said that these bottles were the bottles they saw in the hotel’s basement room where the autopsy table sat.  Artifacts and eye-witness verification were our indisputable, proof positive that these were indeed Baker’s bottles,” added Moyer.

The added paranormal aspect of this find is now being monitored.  A noted paranormal expert has informed the Crescent that exposure to such a dig site can produce an “increased level of activity” surrounding both the site and the bottles unearthed.

“The archeological dig also proved that these bottles just weren’t dumped down an Ozark ravine but were placed in a pit purposefully dug just for the sole purpose of disposing of this gruesome hospital medical evidence,” concluded Moyer.  “What was buried has now risen from the grave for all to see.”

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