Eureka Springs Attractions

Eureka Springs is a charming town with little colored historic houses and a downtown full of studios and quirky shops. What you may not know is that Eureka is also home to a variety of exciting attractions.

  • Intrigue Theater: Illusionist and medium duo Sean-Paul and wife Juliane dazzle in this intimate show that seeks to engage the audience. Numbers are purposely kept small to ensure you can adequately observe all acts and guests are often asked to participate. Located in the historic Gavioli building, the magic seems to ooze from the very walls.
  • The Great Passion Play and Attractions: Have you heard of Christ of the Ozarks? Maybe you have seen pictures of a large white figure towering over a beautiful landscape. This statue is part of the inspirational outdoor drama that has been performed for over 40 years. However, the drama is not all there is to see. There is also a HoHoly Land Tour, a section of the Berlin Wall, several museums, hiking trails and more.
  • Not Really a Door: This original comedy-thriller is a one-hour play that keeps you guessing until the end. Can you correctly guess which one is the ghost? Located in the America’s Most Haunted Hotel, the Crescent, the setting is as spooky as play. Spend the night is this historic beauty and see if you can find a ghost of your own. Don’t believe me? Ask to see the pictures at the front desk!
  • Ozark Mountain Music Theater: Fun for all ages, this show is family oriented and features high-energy music and skit performances. With seasoned musicians and great comedy, two hours goes fast. The show usually ends with a musical tribute to veterans and military personnel.

Reserve your tickets for all these events and more! You will also find special lodging packages with vouchers included. Who wouldn’t want to include two body massages and a free $50 shopping voucher downtown in their vacation?

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