Eureka Springs’ Natural Springs Trail

crescent Spring eureka springs

Explore the source that put Eureka Springs on the map. Dozens of natural springs flow in locations throughout town but some of the natural springs are extra special. Here are some of the most popular and are accessible to the public and easily accessed from the Crescent Hotel parking lot.

Directions: Begin at the footpath located at the end of Prospect Ave. near the Cottages at the Crescent. Follow the path down to Spring Street and walk right. The first spring you will come to is Grotto Spring on the right.

grotto spring eureka springs
Grotto Spring

Grotto Spring and Pocket Park– located on Spring Street near Dairy Hollow Writers Colony. Esto Perpetua (translates: let it be eternal) appears above the entrance to the grotto and a candle burns perpetually inside.

Continue walking in the same direction on Spring Street. Crescent Spring is located on the same side of the street as Grotto Spring.

Crescent Spring and Pocket Park– located next to the Carnegie Public Library on Spring Street. The spring was named for the crescent shaped rock outcropping (for which the Crescent Hotel is named also) behind it.  (This section of Spring St. is also known as the Boulevard. See why some think it is the prettiest street in Eureka Springs).

crescent Spring eureka springs
Crescent Spring

Continue walking in the same direction on Spring Street. Harding Spring is located on the same side of the street as Crescent Spring.

Harding Spring and Pocket Park-located at the corner of Howell Street and Spring Street. Historically, this spring was thought to have specific healing powers. The spring was named after Emmett Harding who made his living in the late 19th century by taking photographs of people in front of the spring. Today, this is still a popular spot for visitors to photograph their family standing at the spring.

Harding Spring and Sweet Spring are connected by a trail along the bluff line above.

harding spring eureka springs
Harding Spring

Sweet Spring and Pocket Park-located near the Post Office on Spring Street. The spring is located at the bottom of the spiral stairway.

Basin Spring Park- located next to the Basin Park Hotel in downtown Eureka Springs, Basin Spring and the surrounding Park has been the central gathering place for Eureka Springs residents and visitors for more than a century. The arch entrance resembles the original one erected in 1880. This park has many historic features including the World War I memorial of the Doughboy, a time capsule, cement benches, the fire bell and more. Read more about the historic features in Basin Spring Park.

(Near the Basin Spring Park is Rock House Cave.  This cave was a camp, saloon, and later a Civil War hospital known as the Rock House. The cave is accessed by wood stairs leading up to the bluff from 27 South Main.)

Basin Spring Park is the last spring on the trail and the perfect place to stop for a drink or snack. Visit the Balcony Bar and Restaurant overlooking the Park in the Basin Park Hotel. If you are a guest of the Crescent Hotel, a great way to return is to catch the FREE shuttle at the Crescent Hotel’s sister…the Basin Park Hotel. The shuttle will drop you right at the Crescent Hotel door. If you are not a guest, consider getting a trolley pass which takes you to many interesting places in town.

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