Eureka Springs Wedding Tips – Wedding Photography

Eureka Springs has earned its reputation as the Wedding Capital of the South, in part because of all of the wonderful photo opportunties that exist. Photos of your special day make for lifetime memories. Whether you are hiring a professional wedding photographer or someone is snapping some informal shots, here are a few tips to ensure that your wedding photos are the best they can be.

  • Meet your wedding photographer, preferrably in person but if that is not possible then a phone consultation is absolutely necessary. When you like your photographer, you and your wedding party will be more comfortable in front of the camera.
  • Recommendations are important when it comes to Wedding Photographers. It isn’t like you can redo your wedding to get better photos. Trust your wedding photos to a professional. It will be one last thing you have to worry about. Eureka Springs Wedding Photographers listed on Eureka Springs Online are professionals. They have been photographing weddings for many years, are familar with area venues, weather, lighting, etc. and come with high recommendations. Ask your photographer to share their recommendations with you.
  • Share your ideas about the type of photos you would like to see. Share examples of photo shots that you like with your photographer.
  • Cosmetics should applied with photos in mind. Professionally applied make up will create a perfect complexion and play up the brides features for the camera. Consult with a spa like New Moon Spa & Salon to learn more about Bridal Services.
  • Take model advice. Professional models always know their best angle. Stand slightly sideways to the camera, put weight on your back foot, raise your chin slightly and keep shoulders back. This produces the most slimming angle for most women.

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