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Eureka Springs’ Farmers Market

Every Tuesday and Thursday in Eureka Springs you can meet some of the friendliest people at the Eureka Springs’ Farmers Market. These talented bunches of vendors provide an impressive array of goodies perfect for everyone, and they’re here year round! So go ahead do something different this vacation, spend a Tuesday or Thursday morning sipping a cup of coffee and take home what you need for a pampered night in, or a homegrown – hand made meal direct from the Ozark Mountains.


Homestead Farm

Kaylynn Toombs is the owner of Homestead Farm. Her all natural, synthetic free growing practices bring local restaurants, as well as loyal customers coming back. Toombs says she and her husband have always grown food for themselves and their family, and began selling their produce in 2008. Eureka Springs is her preferred market to sell at, she says, not only because it is better grossing than markets in the surrounding area, but also because of the amazing community. As she explained, it’s the vendor/customer relationship that is special. In her own words, ‘There’s a cohesiveness, to count on and provide for each other the services and things essential to life.’ Kaylynn believes in people doing things together, creating memories and communities.

Kaylynn Toombs of Homestead Farm
Homestead Farm Produce
Veggies and a smile


Homestead Farm Produce



Wildwind Bluff Farm

Darlene Cullen of Wildwind Bluff Farm is a microfarmer who nurtures her cut flowers and day lilies from seed in 9-12 ft long raised beds. The majority of her fragrant gems go to florists as well as market attendees- whatever she has left is bundled and given as a gift to someone who could use a smile. She finds that flowers bring people joy, including herself) and that’s part of what fuels her passion. Humbly, she reveals ‘My faith is a part of who I am, and I see God when I look at a flower.’ The variety of textures, shapes, and colors stand out to her as these little works of art grow and bloom. When you find Darlene at the market, be sure to inquire about the flowers. Her knowledge is super helpful, and her sweet smile a delightful addition.

Darlene Cullen
Beautiful Dahlia display
Fill your home with fragrant art
Cute candid of a flower farmer
Bundles of joy


Simplicity Lavender Farm

Simplicity Lavender Farm’s yield of 1500 plants are responsible for the amazing array of products Kathy and Rick Henning have to offer. Bath bombs, body butter, scrubs, you name it- all handmade on the farm. They have 4 varieties, the true lavenders are nice for culinary recipes, while the hybrids lend well to aroma therapy goods, Kathy informs. She experiments until she finds the perfect recipe for each incredible product, which are fragrant, helpful and beautifully packaged. Be sure to keep an eye out for this growing business- Their farm will soon be open to the public, and their website will be unveiled in September.

Kathy and Rick Henning
Beautiful bath bombs from Simplicity Lavender Farm
Giddy for these goodies

The Eureka Springs Farmers Market is located at The Eureka Springs Community Center across the road from the Inn of the Ozarks and at Highway 62B (historic Loop) turn toward the famed Crescent Hotel & Spa

Area restaurants often frequent the market.  See a restaurant list.


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