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Sometime in the early afternoon I arrived to the Statton Gallery on Upper Spring, interrupting Jom’s workflow to introduce myself, hoping to take a peek around and get any thoughts they had to offer about their Gallery. ‘Let me call my wife!’ he said, ‘She’s better at these types of things.’ Shortly after, a stylishly dressed, cheery blond stepped through the door and introduced herself as Judy Statton. Though she was busy preparing for the evenings event, Judy took time to stop and dedicate her attention to the interview.

Originally working and living in Dallas, a series of fortuitous circumstances led them to make Eureka their home, and the beautiful gallery began to take shape.

Opening in May, the gallery originally housed the Statton’s own collection, but since a variety of artists have been asked to display their work.  Judy says she is in awe of the talent that resides in Eureka Springs and is happy to say that several local artists, such as John Willer and Charles Pearce have pieces on display.  In addition to these fixtures, a new artist will be featured every month; September’s artist is Tim Breaux.

An American Style top 25 Arts Destination in the United States”

Jom and Judy meet many of the artists in person and view their work at art shows and competitions, as well as referral from other art buyers. Every item in the gallery is a hand created, original work.

That’s not all; plans are already well underway for the construction of their sculpture garden. Accessible from the sidewalk, the beautiful garden will encompass the surrounding property of the gallery and include gentle water features from one of the springs! Madison’s Garden is named for, and in honor of Owner Jom’s son; who passed in 2016. Here is a heartwarming statement from their website:

“The Statton Gallery, Madison’s Garden is an art gallery, with an outdoor sculpture garden in honor of Jom’s family, art, Eureka Springs, the artists and their positive impact on humanity, the beauty of nature found in the hills, springs and mountains of Eureka Springs and NorthWest Arkansas, and of course, the wonderful memory of Madison and his love for people, and life.”

An attractive space with an array of stunning work, owned by a down to earth pair with a passion for the arts and the beauty of life; whether shopping or just admiring, The Statton Gallery | Madison’s Garden on Upper Spring St. is an experience worthwhile.

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