Flight Night 11/18 – Signature Event of the Autumn GetTogether

Basin Park Hotel Opus One flight night

2023 Things to Do in Eureka Springs

OPUS One – Flight Night

Get ready to experience Flight Night on Saturday, November 18th,

Small groups of 10 start at 4 PM and continue each 30 minutes until 5:30 PM.


Your adventure begins on the top floor, where your group of ten friends will meet your host and head up a flight of stairs to the roof. There, you’ll be treated to a flight of craft beer to sample, all while taking in the stunning panoramic views of Eureka Springs. The Crow’s Nest offers the highest vantage point in downtown, ensuring you have the ultimate view.

From there, your behind-the-scenes tasting journey takes you down to the Barefoot Ballroom. Along the way, you’ll stop to hear captivating tales of past performers and learn about the legendary Joe Parkhill’s escapades.

Next up, venture to the Bootlegger’s cave, a renowned speakeasy, for a featured wine tasting featuring Opus One, directly sourced from the Roenigk wine cellar. Enjoy the entire bottle paired with a specially curated charcuterie spread, all while experiencing the rich history and rumored hauntings of this unique space. We may even break out the paranormal investigation equipment to see if any otherworldly energies are at play.

Lastly, ascend the flight of stairs through the Rabbett Hole into Jack Rabbett’s Whisky Bar. Here, you’ll be welcomed by the enticing aroma of an exclusive whisky, distilled solely for the Basin Park Hotel’s Jack Rabbett’s Whisky Bar. Our Dickel expert will regale you with stories of its distinctive production process and present a three-selection flight of whisky, including the renowned Jack Rabbett Select.

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