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Eureka Springs has always been established as a place of wellness. Founded in fact, in recognition of its cool, natural healing springs. Generations later, Eurekans are still consciously cultivating healthful habits and spreading awareness of vital restoration! This week, we’re featuring Lux Pilates in celebration of their opening! Be sure to check out all of these awesome places for healthful living on your next trip to Eureka Springs!


Studio Lux Pilates 

Anna Lux, Owner of Studio Lux Pilates

Owner, Anna Lux, had experienced 10 years of  success in her corporate career when a ‘great gift’ presented itself to her in the form of a  difficult injury. Here, she recognized there was space in her life to nurture important needs that were not being met. Through rehabilitation, Anna was introduced to the restorative potential of pilates. The impact of her recovery inspired her to make a conscious decision to enact positive life changes. After completing training in the Pilates Method for rehabilitation and wellness, she moved back near family in Eureka Springs and opened Lux Studios, committed to sharing her passion with others. “I have always connected to serving people. My specialty is helping people feel good in their skin- I want everyone to have a positive movement experience, and my goal is to meet them where they are at.” Lux Pilates offers two classes on the mat- Mixed Levels Group classes and a Pilates Power class, as well as one on one equipment training in a private setting. Lux Studios is located at 164 W Van Buren in Eureka Springs.

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Lux Studios is just one of many opportunities in Eureka Springs to find strength, peace, and the best part of yourself. Consider visiting these other inspired places as well!


Flora Roja Community Acupuncture  105A Passion Play Rd

Wellness center. Small group acupuncture at a sliding scale. Herb shop w/ a wide variety of bulk organic herbs, teas, & spices. Holistic living classes.

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Apothecary 2019 Hours:
Tuesday 11-6
Wednesday 10-5
Thursday 11-6
Friday 11-5
Saturday 11-5


Fain’s Herbacy  99 Spring St

Fain’s Herbacy has the goal of bringing scientifically supported supplements to you at the lowest prices. Combining the best of the old ways with the support of modern science. Nestled into a remote area of the beautiful Ozarks, we have time to focus on you and treat you like family. 

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Herbacy 2019 Hours:
Monday-Saturday 10-5:30
Sunday 11-3


The Eureka Market  121 E Van Buren Suite B

Foods in the Natural State‘ Your neighborhood natural foods store, complete with helpful specialists, chock full of knowledge and ready to answer your questions!

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Market 2019 Hours:
Every day 8-7


Healthworks Massage and Wellness Center  75 Mountain St

More than just therapeutic massage and body work at Health Works Massage and Wellness Center, Their mission is to surround you with warm hospitality and service in an atmosphere of complete relaxation. Highly experienced massage therapists are available to meet your needs at all levels and committed to a holistic approach to wellness.

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SPA 1905  12 Spring St

As a center for relaxation in a busy downtown, you will find Spa 1905 on the second level of the Basin Park Hotel. Their rejuvenating offerings are well known, and we are in anticipation of their newest services (including the Eureka ‘relief’ Massage, which incorporates the healing benefits of the cannabis plant) coming in March!

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Spa 2019 Hours:
Monday-Thursday 10-5
Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11-3

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