Hell Raisers, Hoodlums, and a Heated History Tour

eureka springs attraction downtown tour

Meet the “Stars” of the town over time, share the strange happenings, and discover Eureka Springs legends. eureka springs history tour

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The tour leaves from Basin Spring Park.

This 45 minute walking tour introduces characters that have enhanced the Eureka Springs landscape! Fun for the whole family, we share the towns heated founding, the Ripley’s Believe it or Not stories, and explore the downtown exposing the delights and dastardly deeds. You can stand in the spot that Carry Nation gave her last speech, where one of the Doolin-Dalton Gang was caught by US Marshalls, and indian maidens were healed in the springs. We view caves where Eureka Springs water was collected or civil war soldiers from both sides were brought to heal.

Mildly strenuous, we require good walking shoes and a wilder imagination! Concepted and created by the Eureka Springs Downtown Network.

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