I’m Getting Married at the Crescent Hotel – Part 3

My Eureka Springs Wedding Story

I was calm because I could rely on others to plan and coordinate.       


In the weeks leading to the wedding, there was a calm buzz of emotion. Everyone involved could feel the energy, enthusiasm, and sometimes anxiety, which pulsed through our group as we handed off reactions and concerns to one another. Thinking back, some of the details are a little blurry but the weeks before were a flurry of activity full of checklists, last-minute phone calls, and an endless number of decisions. As I’ve noted before, it is hard to anticipate how much effort goes into planning this type of event. In my memory, it went like this; after I provided my initial impressions and ideas, the wind suddenly swept me off my feet and I floated through the air, blissfully unaware of the bustling action down below. For this, I am extra thankful for the huge team of individuals coordinating all of the details. Amy Redmon, my wedding planner from The Vintage Soul , captured the vision for the event and began to secure all of the furnishings, linens, silver, glassware, etc. My mother-in-law to be worked with my sales manager Jodie English-Brown from the Crescent & Basin Park Hotels to plan and set up the rehearsal dinner. I know my step dad was working all kinds of behind the scenes magic in preparation, and my amazing mother steadily harmonized every detail as she spun the crazy web of to-do lists into the most incredible night of my life.  Mom, Amy and Jodie worked together to keep the timeline and unbeknownst to me develop possible alternatives.  This planning would prove necessary.

It was important to me to find some way to contribute. I found it comforting to take charge of one important element related to the event, the program. It would be fair to say that I obsessed over them- they were totally awesome and unique and I definitely made it harder than it needed to be, and I loved every second of it.


The Big Weekend Arrives – The Ceremony Site is Ready

The night before our big day, we waited with eager anticipation as our wedding party met us to rehearse. A concern was that it was raining on and off so we rehearsed Inside (again well planned by the Crescent Team) and Outside at the Glenwood Hollow Arbor, but honestly I don’t even remember if the rehearsal went well or not- all I could take in was the happy faces of our loved ones surrounding us. 

After standing in the sprinkles and pretending to rehearse, the group made their way downtown to the Lucky 7 Rooftop Billiards (a unique billiards bar on top of the hotel), where The Basin Park Hotel Wedding Team catered our rehearsal dinner. We wanted something casual so we chose to blend a taco bar for food with the pool tables, bar games and casino games for entertainment.  To say service was delivered with a personal touch doesn’t do it justice. I’ll always remember a moment shared with an old friend from grade school who was on the staff that night, which offered me a bit of grounding in the chaos. The Lucky 7 offered a unique and comfortable space for family to be received – games, bar, pictures, food, and smiles. This allowed me to stay calm, enjoy family and just appreciate all that was happening.

Now, I have the privilege to say thank you to all of the people who worked hard from beginning to end, to create the event that Nick and I truly have no words to describe; and memories to last us a lifetime.

Tomorrow is my wedding day


The opening of the

Glenwood Hollow Wooded Wedding Venue.

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