I’m Getting Married at the Crescent Hotel – Ceremony & Celebration

My Eureka Springs Wedding Story

When I left you last, it was the night before the wedding. After we finished the rehearsal dinner, I stayed the night with my mom and best friend.

The morning of the big day, I felt surprisingly calm and composed. My sweet momma woke me with a beautifully made special gift. After we roused Shelby, I suggested we eat, and sheepishly admitted that I had been thinking about the crystal dining room’s biscuits all night. Since high school, their biscuits and gravy have been my favorite, and they were a perfect way to start the day. Everything from this point on is a blur!

After breakfast, we rushed off for mimosas while my stylist at Salon Seven prepared to work her magic. A couple of drinks and one coffee later, we were set to meet our group in the lobby to start the picture taking process. The only problem was that I wasn’t in my dress! As we pulled up to the front of the Crescent, we saw that all of the bridal party AND THE GROOM were chillin in front of the stairs and elevator. Cue the only meltdown of the day. How do I get to room where my dress is waiting up on the 4th floor of the hotel? The anxiety of trying to make it past my friends dressed in a bathrobe collided with the emotion of what was happening the moment I saw Nick in the entry. Did I mention it was raining?

Luckily, a calm maid of honor and a few moments to breath reminded me of an alternate entry in the salon. We ran through the rain, into the crescent, through the salon, up the stairs, quietly snuck past my friends in the lobby, and ran all the way up to the 4th floor.

That morning, my stepdad did everything he could to make our original plan in Glenwood Hollow work out. But as it rained harder, it became clear that we would be executing wedding Plan B. I had no idea how we would pull it off, as literally every part of the wedding was intended to be experienced outdoors. I was definitely nervous, but reassured by the awesome team of creative people that made our wedding possible.

Pushing any unhelpful thoughts to the side, I attempted to center myself before stepping out of the elevator for our ‘first look’ photos. Seeing Nick reminded me of what was most important about that day- our privilege to share our happiness with all of our most loved ones in one space.

He looked super dope.

Upstairs, we finally got to see the crystal dining room. Jodie, Amy, and my mom had prepared and executed an extensive rain plan. Bringing our outdoor wooded wedding indoors. It was amazing, and I am at a loss for words to describe my perception of the room. (SEE THE DETAILS OF PLAN B)

527392 thousand pictures and about 200 guests later, it was time. I waited with my parents as I watched my friends enter the room before me one by one. I heard my friend Alexandria playing the harmonium, and it’s steady rhythm kept me walking towards the doors. The number of people gathered, all looking at me, shocked me, and I felt really nervous until I looked at Nick. Rosie prepared a surprise speech that said everything I could have ever wanted to hear before saying ‘I do’! Our vows were a really genuine expression of ourselves, and I don’t even remember anything but our kiss (Geez that sounds sappy).

Family pictures were supposed to happen after the ceremony. All of the places we had previously chosen outdoors were in the rains territory, so we followed suit with our previous sessions and took the photos in the Crescent before heading back to the reception.

The dining room’s acoustics were perfect for live performance. My Husband and his brothers played much of the night, making dedications and recalling fond family memories. The pasta bar was enticingly and creatively displayed, incorporating woodland elements to fit the theme of the event.


I only have bits and pieces of the remainder of the evening, presumably since there was so much to take in- the cake was amazing, our friends are the best in the world, and our families went out of their way to show their love for us. It was a party of emotion, happiness, and healing.

The night ended with another surprise from my parents, who reserved the penthouse for us to stay in. Having never seen it before, I spent a good two minutes running around saying ‘look at this!’ about the various amenities. The view of our hometown was particularly special.

The only thing I knew for sure when planning the wedding is that I didn’t want it at the crescent. I thought it would be cliché to have it at a place that was already so connected to my family, that it might be too expected. Ironically, fate knew better. Every picture, every memory, every person was marked by the hotel that holds so much history, and a truly unique place in our hearts.

In the end, two high school sweethearts got married, surrounded by love.



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