Motorcycle Rides in the Ozark Mountain Southern Region

eureka springs motorcycle rides

Eureka Springs Motorcycle Rides

Fall is around the corner and that means the Best Riding in the country. Here in a few weeks will mark the most vibrant viewing time of the fall foliage. As Bikes, Blues and Barbecue may come and go, it is only the beginning of many beautiful fall rides. You’ve heard of the Pig Trail…it is a nationally acclaimed journey on the Ark. 23 byway…but what about Highway 43 and 16?

While there are a few segments to Highway 43, the portion that begins at Highway 21 in Boxley and ends at AR 7 in Harrison is particularly noteworthy. This drive runs north near the Buffalo River. Keep a look out for herds of elk that like to gather near the roads in the morning or near dusk. Read more about elk in Arkansas.

Ozark Mountain Region

Learn more about the Buffalo River Region

Highway 16 on the other hands begins at US 412 in Siloam Springs and runs south through the Ozark National Forest. Through the forest into Fayetteville and out, 16 meets AR 74 near Elkins. This drive winds nicely allowing for beautiful views on both sides of the road. Take some time to visit the chill, college town that is Fayetteville.  

Another great ride is through Hobbs State Park with a stop at War Eagle Mill.  Take Highway 23 South out of Eureka and connect to Scenic Highway 12.

You’ll find once you hit the road and are headed to northwest arkansas that it is hard to turn around. The views only grow more spectacular and a new vista awaits you around every corner. You never know when you will get a glimpse of a beautiful overlook or a peak of a sunbathed valley.

Looking for hints on Things to Do and places to stay.  The Crescent Hotel is on TOP of the PIG TRAIL while the Basin Park Hotel is in the Heart of Downtown with covered and locked Motorcycle Parking.  Hot Deal:  Biker Only Room rates

Here are Google’s Ten Best Motorcycle Rides in the Ozarks

The Ozark Mountain region in the United States is known for its scenic beauty and offers some fantastic motorcycle rides. Here are some of the best motorcycle rides in the Ozarks:

      1. Pig Trail Scenic Byway (Arkansas Highway 23): This is perhaps the most famous motorcycle route in the Ozarks. It winds through the Boston Mountains and offers breathtaking views, challenging twists and turns, and plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the natural beauty.
      2. Push Mountain Road (Arkansas Highway 341): Push Mountain Road is another popular route among motorcyclists. It offers a mix of tight curves, elevation changes, and beautiful scenery as it winds its way through the Ozarks.
      3. Scenic Highway 7 (Arkansas Highway 7): Scenic Highway 7 is known for its diverse landscapes, including forests, rivers, and mountains. The road takes you through the heart of the Ozarks and offers many opportunities for stops and side trips.
      4. Talimena Scenic Drive: Located in the Ouachita National Forest, this 54-mile route runs along the ridge of Rich Mountain and offers stunning views of the surrounding valleys. The winding roads and scenic overlooks make it a favorite among motorcyclists.
      5. Ozark Highlands Scenic Byway (Arkansas Highway 21): This byway takes you through the Ozark National Forest and offers a mix of forests, rivers, and rugged terrain. It’s a less crowded option compared to some of the more famous routes.
      6. Arkansas Highway 43: This route takes you through the Ozarks’ heart and offers a mix of curves, elevation changes, and scenic vistas.
      7. Ozark-St. Francis National Forests: Exploring the network of roads within the Ozark and St. Francis National Forests can be a rewarding experience. These roads offer a variety of terrains and scenic views.
      8. Route 66: While not exclusively in the Ozarks, Route 66 passes through parts of Missouri and Arkansas, offering a nostalgic journey through historic towns and beautiful landscapes.
      9. Bull Shoals Lake Loop: This loop takes you around the picturesque Bull Shoals Lake in northern Arkansas. It offers scenic views of the lake and surrounding hills.
      10. White Rock Mountain Road: Located in the Ozark National Forest, this road offers challenging twists and turns as it climbs to White Rock Mountain, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness.

Remember to ride safely, wear appropriate protective gear, and obey traffic laws while enjoying these motorcycle routes in the Ozark Mountain region. Additionally, check for road conditions and closures before heading out, as conditions can change, especially during inclement weather.


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