Mountain Bike Guide: Eureka Springs South Downhill

eureka springs downhill

The Eureka Springs Downhill @ Lake Leatherwood

OzTrails Video Eureka Springs

(South Hub)

Eureka Springs’ newest and most thrilling attraction consist of 7 downhill mountain biking trails.  With so many bikes flooding into town, we had to go check it out! The Eureka Springs Downhill is accessed via Highway 62 and rides down inside Lake Leatherwood City Park.  This is just 7 minutes from the heart of downtown.

eureka springs downhill

When arriving to the location, off of Hwy 62 west of Eureka Springs, for the first time I discovered there was some research to be done to better understand the downhill trails layout. 

I entered the course from the upper shuttle drop and was relieved to find a very clean port-a-potty on site. Huge thank you to Eureka Spring Parks Commission for their continued upkeep on the area and of course for the much needed and appreciated shuttle service!  After some light research I discovered that there are two hubs where the downhill trails start. Off to the right is the South Hub and to the left is the North Hub. 

Below is detail on the South Hub..  Click Here for more on the North Hub.

Leatherwood Hub Signs

(Special note: Parking is limited at the upper drop site; you may want to start at the shuttle pick up in Lake Leatherwood City Park)

Lake Leatherwood Mountain Bike shuttle

Shuttle Service/Hours:
Monday 9AM-5PM
Tuesday 9AM-5PM
Wednesday 9AM-5PM
Thursday 9AM-5PM
Friday 9AM-5PM
Saturday 8AM-8PM
Sunday 8AM-8PM

One Day pass $20
Half Day pass (after 2PM) $10
Two day pass $33.50
*All prices include taxes and fees


The South Hub heads back toward the hwy you just turned off of and crosses over private property so staying on the trail is a must in this area. This is the site of the original downhill trail that Lake Leatherwood has offered for years.

The South Hub host Downhill trails 1-3 and all of these trails are black diamond status. What a neat structure this was to walk up on out in the middle of the woods. (photo ops everywhere!)

DH # 1- Black Diamond
“Mixed with large rock jumps, techy staircases, rock ledge drops, and massive rock built features. Mandatory jumps, drops and steep staircases.”

eureka springs downhill trail marker

A Signature Jump of the OzTrails System on Eureka Springs Downhill#1

OzTrails jump

Downhill #2 (The Original) – Black Diamond
“Array of black and blue features, all with ride around options. High speed 8ft cliff drop is the highlight.”

eureka springs trail marker

Mountain bike trail

Eureka Springs Mountain Bike Trail

Downhill # 3- Black Diamond
“Rolling big or catching air, with rock ledges, and wooden masterpieces. Mandatory jumps, drops, and technical rock.”

Eureka Springs Mountain bike Trail Sign

Eureka Springs Mountain Bike Trail Bridge

Each trail is about a mile long and full of unique features.

Please ride within your means and have fun!


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