Shuttlebug! Eureka’s New Downtown Transport Service

Have you been frustrated with the limited parking and traffic congestion in downtown Eureka Springs?

Have you avoided shopping downtown because you’d have to walk so far in the heat, cold, rain, etc.?
The SHUTTLE BUG is the answer!
It’s the DOWNTOWN-ONLY transport!

• $5 Ticket allows you UNLIMITED shuttle rides on day of purchase
• 10a.m.to6p.m.Friday–Sunday(inseason)
• The SHUTTLE BUG drops you off and picks
you up running the same route, Planer Hill to
the Post Office (20 minute round trip).
• YoucanOFFSETTHECOSTofparking and SHUTTLE BUG ticket by shopping and/or dining at participating merchants.

Here is the Shuttle Bug rack card for more information.

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