A Eureka Springs list of Interesting Things

Forest Bath at Loblolly Pines

Spring Things to Do in Eureka Springs and the Ozark Mountains

Spring is a magical and INTERESTING time in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The weather is perfect for outdoor activities and the trees and flowers are in full bloom.  If you’re planning a trip to Eureka Springs in April, include in your trip these activities that otherwise you might not discover.

  1. Check out a New Restaurants: Eureka Springs is known for its eclectic dining scene and this spring, two new restaurants are taking the food scene to the next level. Spring on Main is a modern bistro that serves fresh, seasonal cuisine with a Southern twist. 3 Bird Cafe is another new addition to the town, serving up delicious coffee and breakfast options.

  2. Explore the Local Art Scene: Eureka Springs is home to many local artists who create unique and beautiful pieces. Take a stroll down Spring Street and visit the many galleries and studios, or attend one of the local art shows and festivals. Curated Gallery & Gifts is a gallery that brings together many Eureka Springs Artists.

  3. Take a Ghost Tour: Eureka Springs has a rich and haunted history. Take a guided ghost tour and learn about the town’s past while also getting a few scares along the way. The Crescent is most famous but the Basin Park Hotel may be most haunted.  Become a ghost hunter on the paranormal investigation.

  4. Enjoy a Wine Tasting: Arkansas has a burgeoning wine scene and Eureka Springs is no exception. Visit one of the local wineries and enjoy a tasting while taking in the beautiful views.  Take a drive over the Beaver bridge and visit the Railway Winery.

  5. Take a scenic drive One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of spring in Eureka Springs is to take a scenic drive. The winding roads through the Ozarks are lined with trees and wildflowers, making for a breathtaking experience. The Buffalo River Region is remarkable in the spring and regularly comes with an eagle or elk sighting.

  6. Visit a hidden waterfall Eureka Springs is home to many hidden waterfalls that are perfect for a springtime hike.   In-town you can rent a cabin at Loblolly Pines Adventure Camp and hike down to an on-property waterfall.  Some of the most popular include Tanyard Creek, Kings River Falls, and Hemmed-In-Hollow Falls.

  7. Take a historic walking tour: Eureka Springs is a town rich in history, and there are several guided walking tours that will take you through its storied past. Learn about the town’s colorful characters, architecture, and more on the Downtown N Underground Tour or overnight at the Basin Park Hotel to enjoy the Peculiar Things and Meaningful Springs.

  8. Go on a springtime picnic: Pack a picnic lunch and head to one of the town’s many parks or scenic overlooks. Enjoy the beauty of the Ozarks while feasting on some delicious food.  Have fun at the Music Park on Main Street across from the Railroad.

  9. Visit the Blue Spring Heritage Center  The Blue Spring Heritage Center is a beautiful nature reserve and historic site that’s home to the largest natural spring in the Ozarks. In the spring, the area is especially beautiful, with the spring waters sparkling in the sunlight and the surrounding forest in full bloom

  10. Attend the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference – Believe it or not, Eureka Springs hosts an annual UFO conference in April. If you’re interested in extraterrestrial life, this event is not to be missed.

As you can see, Eureka Springs offers a wealth of interesting activities for visitors in the springtime. Whether you’re interested in hiking, history, or just having a good time, this charming town has something for everyone. So why not plan your visit today and start exploring all that Eureka Springs has to offer?  See all Eureka Springs Lodging


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