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ESP Weekend in Eureka SpringsSchedule and Pricing

Two haunted hotels, three qualified paranormal investigation leaders!

This event has grown in popularity to the point where we now offer the event for two weekends: January 4-6; and 11-13, 2019.

Joining us this year to guide the investigations will be three ghost hunters with more than a century of experience between them:

LARRY FLAXMAN – investigator, physicist and author of ten books on paranormal phenomena, founder of ARPAST.

DAVID HARKINS – investigator with more than 38 years experience in many parts of the world.  Founder of the Ozarks Paranormal Society in 2007 and co-founder of Infinity Paranormal Research

BUD STEED – veteran investigator, best-selling author, founder of Backroads Paranormal, a group dedicated to investigating and researching historical sites, and co-founder of Infinity Paranormal Research, and the Co-Director of The Ozarks Paranormal Society.

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The Experience

Guests will stay at the atmospheric 1886 Crescent Hotel, Friday and Saturday nights. Each night half the guests will have the opportunity to investigate one of the hotels, switching for the second night.

  • The 1886 CRESCENT HOTEL is noted for the number of supernatural events that have been recorded over the years of its history as:  the finest hotel west of the Mississippi; the Crescent College and Conservatory for young Women; the Baker Cancer Curable Hospital; and in its current status as the most haunted hotel in America.  The known active areas will be available for investigations led by expert ghost hunters overnight, with plenty of opportunity for independent searches.
  • The 1905 BASIN PARK, “the people’s hotel,” stands steps away from the ancient hand-carved basin around which the city of Eureka Springs sprang up overnight.  In the heart of the old town district, the Basin Park hotel has served as everything from a fire station to a speakeasy. Home of the famous Barefoot Ball, the Basin Park Hotel has repaid our new nightly investigations with a major spike in activity. Help us find and maybe identify the spirits that have lingered in this magnificent building since its grand opening.
  • ESP stands for Eureka Springs Paranormal – it could equally stand for “Parapsychological.” The guided and independent investigations take place from midnight to dawn. During the day various hands-on activities are offered, giving conference participants the opportunity to assess their own levels of psychic ability.  These activities include:  individual telepathy testing; a psychomanteum (modern version of an ancient Greek “scrying” temple); a workshop in automatic writing;  and readings with highly qualified psychics. We also offer talks, videos, a book-signing with noted paranormal writers and informal chats with our famous tour guides.  Performances include a traditional Ozark storytelling event, a paranormal play – and much more!


ESP weekends are different every year. In honor of our tenth ESP event we have re-structured the fee scale to the most affordable rates possible, and to provide an attractive alternative for local residents.

CRESCENT HOTEL ROOM RATES (includes a ghost tour of the Crescent Hotel)

Friday/Saturday Room Rates for January 4th & 5th:

$99.00 per person  (based on Double occupancy) for two night stay!

Friday/Saturday Room Rates for January 11th & 12th: 

$129.00 per person (based on Double occupancy) for two night stay!

CONFERENCE FEE:   $125.00 per person

Reserve Your Conference Pass

*Must book conference pass fee to secure room rate price.  After booking conference pass, please call to book room: 877-342-9766

Conference Pass Includes:

  • Welcome reception and keynote address
  • T-shirt
  • Guided nocturnal paranormal investigations of 1886 Crescent and 1905 Basin park hotels.
  • Active spaces pass: access to known active locations in each hotel for independent investigations.
  • Hands-on activities:  telepathy assessment;  psychomanteum;  24-hour Paranormal Café;
  • Champagne toast to the ghosts
  • Meet the guides; chat informally and frankly with our famous tour guides, who explore the Crescent Hotel every night of the year.  Share your personal experiences with others.
  • Video program, book-signing and panel discussion on the topics: What is a ghost? What is consciousness? What does contemporary science have to say about paranormal phenomena?
  • Half-price tickets to our regular performances: Not Really a Door and Flickering Tales.


Enjoy our annual ESP Psychic Salon; free Crescent College and Conservatory exhibit; the beautiful (and haunted) Crystal Dining Room; the Skybar Pizza Bar and Lounge; the Balcony Restaurant and Lucky 7 lounge at the Basin park Hotel; the New Moon Spa at the Crescent and Serenity Spa at the Basin park; and if you have time on your hands, Eureka Springs is one of the most beautiful and unique locations in America – the whole town is on the historic register!

Early registration advised! Please visit; or call  800-342-9766

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