Winter Ride Through the Ozarks

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There is something about the crisp winter air that sharpens the senses. Blue skies seem wider and brighter. Morning frosts make objects sparkle brighter as they catch the light. The sun captures the sharpened moments and reflects them in a vivid array of colors.

At least that’s how winter days unfold in Northwest Arkansas. It’s the natural, unfiltered, beauty that brings so many out to explore.

Check out weather conditions before your next ride.

A 167-mile loop of back roads from Eureka Springs to Harrison will leave your senses overwhelmed. With plenty of twists and turns and quirky stops along the way, you will be surprised all the way there and back. The changing elevations, the bends, and the quickly shifting scenery will engage your whole being.

The Route:

Start out in Eureka Springs and take 302 to 221. Check out the Saunders Gun Museum in Berryville before continuing on to 21and then down winding 311 to Harrison. From Harrison, 43 will take you to the breath-taking Boxley Valley (see if you spot any Elk or ). From Boxley, you will take 21 to 74 and finally hop on 23 to complete the loop back to Eureka.

Whether you are traveling with a group, getting away with a friend, or simply taking some time to yourself, a winter ride through the Ozarks will wake you up and reignite your love for the ride.

Why not make it a weekend adventure and spend a night in Eureka Springs. With covered motorcycle parking, you can rest assured your prized possession will be safe while you enjoy a nice cold beer and catch the game at any of the local’s favorite bars.

Stop by the all-new Harley-Davidson in Eureka Springs off of Hwy 62E.

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