Winter Weekends

Winter Weekends in Eureka Springs make perfect mini-getaways for you and that special someone!

With so much to offer in our little mountain town and surrounding areas, you can customize your weekend to do as much (or as little) as you desire. Flavor your weekend with amazing restaurants, enjoy scenic hiking and cycling trails, relaxing and rejuvenating spas, cozy pubs offering a one of a kind music scene that’s uniquely Eureka Springs, shop in our eclectic boutiques, spend the night in “haunted” historic hotels and so much more! You can mix and match the perfect combination of adventure and renewal, it’s all here for you in one of a kind Eureka Springs, AR! 

Eureka Springs Trails

With over 25 miles of unique trails winding through our little mountain town and surrounding countryside, you can plug back into nature and breathe in the fresh, crisp mountain air! Lakes, streams, rivers, winding trails and stairways to adventure! You create your own adventure here in Eureka Springs!



Luxurious Spas & Pampering/Healing Services

After a day of hiking and exploring Eureka Springs, it’s time to treat yourself to some pampering! With numerous day spas, massage and healing services, yoga studios and more, you’re sure to find just what you need for mind, body and soul!



Tantalizing Restaurants to Satisfy Your Inner Foodie

After a relaxing day of taking in the sites and being pampered, perhaps you’re ready to sit down to a unique taste treat in a distinctly Eureka Springs atmosphere. Wouldn’t it be heavenly to just enjoy a beverage and let someone else wait on you for a change?! Whether it’s dreamy latte’ or a delicious feast for the senses, you’ll find it here in Eureka Springs! For a list of year round restaurants check out:


Ice Skating (That’s right, Ice Skating!)

Now that you’re ready to really chill, take a look at what’s brand new in Eureka Springs! Starting in January 2018 The 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa will open their new seasonal ice skating rink!  It’ll be the coolest “hot spot” in town!!!








Intrigue Theater

Intrigue Theater – created by Illusionists Sean-Paul and Juliane is a charming and nostalgic performance that brings visitors back to an age of Mystery. Inspired by the historical Victorian and the haunted landscape of Eureka Springs, Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay perform a Vaudeville Era show that is unmatched in the country. Performing Saturdays in Eureka Springs through February 3rd!!

Escape Room

Eureka Springs has a rich history. We have adapted the 1922 Eureka Springs Bank Heist into a story that anyone from 8 years old to over 80 years old can enjoy. You get a hands on experience with secret messages, hidden passages and much more. This is not a scary event! It’s date night, and family friendly!








The Christ of the Ozarks and The Holy Land

Take a tour of “The Holy Land” and see the iconic Christ of the Ozarks overlooking historic Eureka Springs! Take an up- close look at a “piece” of history and see a section of The Berlin Wall

Take a short day trip and enjoy these attractions located under an hour from Eureka Springs! 

Crystal Bridges

Crystal Bridges is the crown jewel of Museums and Art Galleries and better yet, it’s located only an hour from Eureka Springs! in Bentonville, AR. Check out more attractions in beautiful Northwest Arkansas at:



Ancient Ozarks Natural Museum

Just under an hour from Eureka Springs is another fascinating attraction located in scenic Ridgedale, MO, home to the  Ancient Ozarks Natural Museum

Centuries before Europeans ever touched these shores, unimaginable beasts roamed this land. Years later, cave dwellers, then Native Americans made their home in these Ozark hills. The newly expanded Ancient Ozarks Natural History Museum will bring you face-to-face with prehistoric creatures and astounding collections of Native American artifacts and artwork as well as expansive galleries showcasing the American West and Civil War.



You can slow down or accelerate your pace, mix and match adventures and have it your way in one of a kind Eureka Springs! 


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