Craft Beer in the SkyBar

It’s widely known that the SkyBar atop the Crescent Hotel has one of the best views of the Ozarks. What better way to complement this view than to partner it with the coldest tap craft beer around.

With a new state of the art craft brew system, the SkyBar now offers 16 taps with beer from two local breweries making this a game changer for individuals shopping for craft beer. The closed refrigerated draft beer system features fobs that can dial in nitrogen and CO2 specific to each beer. Housed in a repurposed walk-in cooler, this system perfectly pressurizes and cools all the way from keg to tap…ensuring you receive your beer at the optimal temperature for the best flavor.

Bentonville Brewing Company out of Bentonville, AR and Mother’s Brewing Company in Springfield, MO have partnered with SkyBar in the Crescent Hotel to deliver flavorful, fresh beer. Reading over the beer list will leave you in a quandary over which one to try first…it may be best to start with the 4 beer sampler for $8. Do you enjoy a nice seasonal beer? Great, the SkyBar has several on tap.

SkyBar Draft Beer List

Open daily from 11AM – 11PM stop by to enjoy the new offerings and a slice of Eureka’s best pizza!

Don’t worry wine lovers, three taps are reserved just for you! Check out the entire food menu.


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