Mardi Gras 2015

mardi gras eureka springs

What is Mardi Gras like in Eureka Springs?eureka springs mardi gras

It is creative… fabulous floats, over-the-top costumes and parties like the Black Light Ball and the Mayor’s Ball. Eureka Gras showcases the amazing talents of local artists in creative ways. Don’t miss the Christening of the Floats , the Night Parade and Black Light Ball in February and more. Find inspiration everywhere in Eureka Springs.

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It has royalty…extravagant processionals make the parades the most attended eventsmardi gras during the city wide festival. Light up the night with the Light and Sound Night Parade or watch the Mardi Gras Day Parade. For the best view, order a drink and sit outside at the Balcony Restaurant at the 1905 Basin Park Hotel. See the coronation of Mardi Gras King and Queen as you sip champagne at the Coronation Ball in the beautiful Crystal Ballroom of the 1886 Crescent Hotel. If you can’t find a ticket to this private event, reserve your spot at the public Mayor’s Ball in the Barefoot Ballroom of the Basin Park Hotel.

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It’s full of soul… Celebrate Mardi Gras New Orleans style with a Jazz Brunch in the Crystal Ballroom of the Crescent Hotel, a prestigious member of Historic Hotels of America.

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