Mystical Arts of Tibet in Eureka Springs

Post from 2015

Creation of a Healing Mandala

Witness the sacred art of creating a Buddhist mandala. Creation and contemplation of this sacred geometric figure is a rare event to witness  and is a gift and offering of peace from the Honorable Geshe Thupten Dorjee of the Non Profit Tibetan Cultural Institute of Arkansas. Millions of grains of sand are meticulously placed by monks to form a colorful, beautiful design laden with symbolism. tibetan cultural institute of arkansas

Opening ceremony takes place in the 1905 Basin Park Hotel on July 14, 9am-noon.

After completed, the mandala is deliberately destroyed and the colored sand is gathered and poured into a nearby stream to distribute the positive energies it contains.

Closing ceremony takes place July 16, 3:30pm.

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