Ozark Mountain Music Fest 2014

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weekend in January. The 1st Annual Ozark Mountain Music Festival features regional musicians who are making a name for themselves nationally January 24-26th. OzMoMu, a new FUN thing to do!

Multiple stages and great music from HonkySuckle, 3Penny Acre, National Park Radio,  and SxRex and more…

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Party where they Play.

Stay Friday at the Basin Park Hotel and get 2 All Access Passes and breakfast.
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Stay Friday & Saturday at the Basin Park Hotel and get 2 All Access Passes
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Ozark Mountain Music Festival in Eureka Springs – January 24/25/26

Touted as Eureka Springs’ next great festival, the Ozark Mountain Music Festival will ozark music festivalfocus around Bluegrass / Indie Folk with a festival lineup that includes multiple stages and lively music all day long, just indoors. Jack Moyer, Manager of the Basin Park since 1996 commented,  “The Basin Park Hotel has always been at the edge of all great music start ups from the Eureka Springs Blues Festival, New Years Eve with Jimmy Thackery,  Eureka Springs Mardi Gras, The Cate Brothers,  Chris Duarte or when the “the Band” reunited to play a ten-year reunion show in the Barefoot Ballroom.  We are excited to host this ‘next great thing’ with the start of the Ozark Mountain Music Festival to which we expect will be an annual event for many years to come.”  Moyer went on to say a key to establishing the event will be both in providing great music on multiple stages,  using regional talent whose genre is Indie Folk and inventing a path where the festival style atmosphere makes the Basin Park Hotel abuzz with activity while attendees enjoy all access passes, overnight at the hotel and a have an atmosphere that encourages eating, drinking and dancing in one central location, an indoor festival grounds per se.

 The Ozark Mountain Music Festival will begin Friday, January 24th at 6PM and will continue with at least 11 acts until Sunday’s Bloody Mary Morning Show.  Passes will be affordable and will feature regional favorites HonkySuckle, 3Penny Acre, National Park Radio,  and SxRex as well as other acts contacted and to be announced soon.

 Room bundles for two attendees include two-nights lodging and two (2) all access passes and begin at $275.  Festival All Access Passes are $45.  For further information or online room sales guests are encouraged to visit www.EurekaSpringsOnline.com.  Line-up  Includes:

Friday – January 24, 2014  6PM-Ballroom- 3 Penny Acre  8PM-Ozark Room-Wink (Tulsa) 10PM-Ballroom-HonkySuckle (Springfield)

Saturday – January 25, 2014  Noon – Balcony- Hogscalders- 2PM-Ozark Room-Pearl Brick (Fayetteville) 4PM-Ozark Room Tyrannosaurus Chicken (Fort Smith) 6PM-Ballroom- (Eureka Springs) SX Rex 8PM-Ozark Room- Ben Miller Band (Joplin) 10PM-Ballroom-National Park Radio (Harrison) Midnight Jam-Ron Landis and Chuck

Sunday – January 26,2014  Noon- Ozark Room – Handmade Moments(Conway/Fayetteville)

OzMoMu is hosted by the Basin Park Hotel located in downtown Eureka Springs. The famous Barefoot Ballroom and Ozark Room are well known venues during the Eureka Springs Blues Weekend, New Years Eve Ballroom Blitz, Eureka Springs Mardi Gras and other events. Now, the Basin Park Hotel is THE venue for OzMoMu in January so let the music keep you warm. OzMoMu is all music, all day, all indoors.

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