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Eureka Springs Shopping & Eureka Springs Attractions

Eureka Springs has a reputation for being a quirky, fun little town. One of the best times to visit is actually in March. With all of the shopping and attractions available, you  can’t do everything so deciding which things to do might drive you mad! Here are a few favorites:

Zippity Do Da

Ozark Mountain Ziplines at Eureka Springs opens March 1st! This thrilling attraction is the best way to see Spring arrive in Eureka Springs.

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Looking for outdoor wear? Try Crazy Bone in downtown Eureka Springs for ruggedly good-looking clothes and shoes and the top brand names.

Get Inspired

The Great Passion Play is America’s #1 Outdoor Drama but a visit to the Passion Play offers so much more. Visit the Holy Land, stand at the foot of the Christ of the Ozarks or visit the Bible Museum.

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christ of the ozarks great passion play

Show your inspiration with a visit to Kerusso’s Christian T-shirts & Accessories

Walk a Different Way

A variety of walking tours take place around town. Learn more about Eureka Springs rowdy history with the Hellraisers, Hoodlums and Heated History Tour or venture Downtown -N-Underground.

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eureka springs attractions downtown n underground
If you are feeling like an explorer … head on over to Hats, Hides & Heirlooms to try on several different hats until you find one that fits your mood!

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